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Here’s another sweet guitar lesson from Marty Schwartz, covering “Remedy” by the Black Crowes. It’s super important that you start off by tuning your guitar to open G. That means that your open strings look like this, from 6 to 1: DBDGBG. This gives you a super cool sound you simply can’t get in standard tuning.

For the rest of the lesson, hit play!



Black Crowes, Open G Tuning, Remedy

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  1. Hi there,
    First, great stuff here & on You Tube!

    I have a question for Marty re: the "Made Up Mind" You Tube with Sara Niemietz, would you please tell me the chords after the solo? This is at the 2:31 mark in the video.

    Thanks so very much in advance.

  2. Hi Marty. I can't tell you how many songs licks and tricks I've learned from watching your video lessons over the years. When I cannot figure something out you are the #1 resource I turn to. One of my favorite videos is with the late great Ed King, which I'm watching again for at least the 5th time.
    Thank you! Bob

  3. Hey Marty, just an FYI, the text on the web page lists the open G tuning as GBDGBG, which is different that what you say in the video of DGDGBD (which of course is the correct tuning lol) Just thought you should know. Might confuse some folks

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