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Checkout this sweet lesson from Marty Schwartz, covering an Allman Brothers inspired chord progression. You’ll learn not only the chords and the rhythm, but also some cool little licks to throw in there as well.

This progression is in the key of C.

Grab your guitar, this guitar lesson has a great groove to it!


Allman Brothers, Blues Rock

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  1. love ya marty!

    great lesson as always. any idea where to get that southbound backing track you’re playing over?

    also, any advice on playing some slide for this song, and what open tuning to play it in?

    thanks for all you do!

  2. yeh yeh allman bros. all the way i cant type for shit but i can damn sure listen and learn,bring on the bros…….

  3. Marty, I love your lessons. You have a knack for simplifying what sounds really difficult! May I make a suggestion- I notice you use different guitars for different lessons. Can you give a real brief explanation of why that guitar and what kind of strings?
    Thanks a bunch

  4. Hi Marty, I really appreciate your videos, and ABB and Warren Haynes are among my favourites. You really help me Thank you.

  5. Hey Marty, I’ve been trying to play guitar for over 35 years off/on,you almost make me believe i could do it.I find you truly genuine. Great website with a real approach.
    Thanks , Chris

  6. You’ve inspired me to buy the Fillmore East vinyl album…(now I need to learn to play like you and the Allman Bros:) Thanks for providing enjoyable guitar lessons Marty!

  7. Thanks for all of your lessons, Marty. Found you on YT and have been devouring all of them and sharing with other friends who are beginning guitar. Especially digging the Allman Brothers stuff!

  8. Love your lessons Marty!! I have learned alot from them but have a long way to go..sure could use the free lessons..keep jammin and rocking!! Love the Allman Brothers songs…you Rock

  9. Picked the guitars back up after 20 years to play with my stepson drummer. Checked a LOT of online teachers and your love of the blues, easy to follow instruction, love of the Allman Bros, well explained scales, 7th, 9ths and beyond lessons, and your talk to me rather than at me videos(see theguitarsage) convinced me you were the teacher for me. You’ve even helped me raise the boys level of interest in the blues to add to our shared love of classic rock and roll. Thanks for everything…keep up the great work.

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