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Hey, what’s up guys! Today we’re learning one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time. This lesson is packed with chords, licks, and techniques that you can use in all kinds of rock and blues. Let’s break it down!

First, we’ll look at the chords. We’re using a Dadd9, Cadd9, and G5 (or G) chord. Most of the song revolves around these chords, but there’s a lot of stuff going on to embellish them. The intro starts with the D chord, and we’ll walk through a series of licks that incorporate these chords. Remember, there are three different guitars going on in the original song, so we’re doing a combination of the best parts.

For the verses, we’ll stick with the same chords but use a more strumming pattern. After that, we’ll learn a cool new lick that happens before every chorus. The chorus itself features a new lick and a hammer-on technique, followed by another verse and more licks.

Now, let’s learn a new part that uses a D bar chord on the seventh fret of the D, G, and B strings, followed by a whole step down and a hammer-on from the fifth to the seventh fret of the A string. This part continues with a G bar chord, leading us to the chorus.

In the chorus, we have another new lick and some cool techniques to practice. We’ll also learn an alternative guitar part for the chorus – a more bluesy approach using power chords. Finally, we’ll go over an F to C chord progression that ties everything together.

So, here’s the whole thing from the top, kind of slow, to help you practice. I’ll see you in another lesson real soon!


Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama

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