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In this video tutorial, Marty Schwartz breaks down the popular Nirvana song “About A Girl” for beginner guitarists. With easy chords and techniques, you’ll learn to play this iconic track in no time.

The tutorial starts with a focus on standard tuning, which is used in the original recording of “About A Girl”. The song begins with an E minor chord, transitioning to a G power chord that’s played similarly to AC/DC’s style. This main part of the song is perfect for beginners looking to practice easy chord changes. Marty demonstrates the strumming pattern with a down-down-down-down-up sequence, opening up the hand on the upstroke to create a G chord.

Next, Marty moves on to the unique way Kurt Cobain played power chords, starting with a C sharp major chord. He emphasizes following the bassline and using a 2-4-4 fingering for the F sharp major chord. In the unplugged version of the song, open B and high E strings add an exotic and cool sound.

For the chorus, Marty suggests playing an E power chord, followed by an A major chord, and then moving up to a C sharp major chord. He offers helpful tips for playing barre chords and alternatives for beginners, such as using power chords instead.

This tutorial on “About A Girl” by Nirvana covers the essential chords and techniques needed to play the song. Marty’s engaging teaching style and helpful tips make it an ideal lesson for beginner guitarists.


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