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Hey there, guitar friends! Ready to rock out and unravel the mysteries of some legendary guitar riffs? Strap in as we break down Marty Schwarz’s lesson on the classic “Crazy Train” riff, picking apart each chord and note to boost your fretboard skills!

Let’s kick things off by dissecting the DNA of this iconic riff. Marty starts with an F power chord (2nd fret on the low E string, 4th fret on the A string), smoothly transitions to an A power chord (5th fret on the low E string), and lands on an E power chord (2nd fret on the A string, open E). These chords lay the foundation for the killer melody that follows.

One thing I love about Marty’s teaching style is his precision. He owns up to any past mistakes, emphasizing the importance of clear, accurate instructions. This ensures you nail the riff from the get-go, avoiding common stumbling blocks.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the riff itself. Marty guides us through each note and chord progression with meticulous detail. From the rich resonance of that F# (2nd fret on the low E string) to the seamless shifts between different A and E variations, he makes even the trickiest parts feel like a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Marty’s got your back, making the “Crazy Train” riff feel like a fun ride through Guitar Town.


crazy train, ozzy osborne

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