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Here’s another great lesson by Marty Schwartz on how to play Boston’s More Than A Feeling.

More Than A Feeling is one of Boston’s hit songs, and the good news for you is it isn’t that hard to play on the guitar, and sounds great!

The chords for the first part of this song are D, Cadd9 and G.

The chorus is G, C, Em and D.

More Than A Feeling is a great tune to practice your picking and strumming on, and as always, Marty shows everything in great detail.

Check it out:

Boston – More Than A Feeling Guitar Lesson


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  1. Marty,

    I received your post card, but when I tried to follow up on your suggestion to check out on, there was no site made available to me.

    Are you able to simply send the material to me or provide me on any hints should I be doing something wrong?


    Joe Boyle

  2. Marty I am far from a seasoned player, however watching your video lessons I have amazed myself with the number of songs I have learned to play. I have taken what I have learned from watching your lessons and have incorporated what I have learned and taught myself songs that you have not covered, and for that, I thank you.

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