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Here’s another cool acoustic blues guitar lesson with Marty Schwartz… checkout the double stop riff that comes out of the E pentatonic minor scale, it sounds really sweet!

Of course if you want to, you can also play these blues licks on an electric guitar, they work just as well on either acoustic or electric. Once you’ve got that double stop down, feel free to experiment with the rest of the blues lick and create your own riff out of it. You’ve got the rest of that pentatonic minor scale to work with – every single note in that scale is going to sound sa-weet!

Also check out that bluesy sounding quarter note bend he’s got going. You’ll have to work on getting the bend up to the right place, as you might find it more natural to go to a full half tone bend there, but work on the quarter, you’ll find it is worth it.

Once you’ve got a handle on that blues riff, the best way to apply it is with a blues jam track. The second half of the video is simply Marty laying down a blues groove for you to solo over top of, so have as much fun as you can with this one!

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With Marty:


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  1. Hey, Marty!! Second time’s a charm with this web site…..this was not available just two weeks ago when your original postcard was sent out. I have developed my chops and acoustic play geometrically from your super Acoustic Blues course!! Great stuff!! Now, however your Soloing and Music Theory course are finally the trick that is getting this fret board more familiar to me after many decades of frustration and not from the lack of trying!! Just great stuff!! It’s just like you’ve taken one for the frustrated guitar player team out there and made things nice and bite sized and logical and …..dare I say it……..FUN!!


    And no……..David Traub didn’t put me up to saying all this either but still…ROCK ON!!

  2. Hey Marty I just found you and I am trying play lead I am 34 and have been playing for about 10 years now I can play a lot of songs and I can play lead if I se it but I won’t to be Abel to set down and just be Abel to play cool blues lead with my friends we play every Friday night and I won’t to be Abel to play lead for songs like red house and stuff. I can a couple scales but I can’t do anything with them

  3. Marty, over the years I have come across your videos on YouTube when learning rhythm guitar parts for my band pop culture. What I noticed over the years was when I needed to learn how to play a song in a fashion that fit our band I always felt a sense of relief when I saw your mug come up for a song I needed! So as the years have passed I have become much better on guitar, with much of your help by the way, and I have since started doing solo acoustic shows. And now, when I see your videos to learn a song I have a much deeper appreciation and feeling of gratitude for what you do. So thank you!
    My best,
    Chaz Amrose

  4. Hi Marty. My name is Den Smirnov. I’m from Russia.
    I bought your acoustic blues course. I really liked it, but now I don’t have access to it. Probably because of the political situation in the world. I don’t think you’re a bandit from the wild West who stole my money from me. Please help me to get access to the paid course. Otherwise my bear won’t learn to play the blues. He already drinks a lot of vodka and has stopped playing the balalaika.He wants to play the blues. Please help me and my bear
    Sincerely, Den Smirnov.
    From Russia with love.

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