Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man Guitar Lesson


This Simple Man guitar lesson by Marty Schwartz is a great way to learn the famous Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. Simple Man is a great guitar song for beginners, and in this lesson Marty will show you both the chords and the picking pattern you can use as well, if you’re comfortable doing the picking part.

The chords used are C major, G major, and A minor. Marty has some nice closeup shots showing you the fingerings for these chords, in case you’re not familiar with them. You’ll also learn the strumming pattern as well, which isn’t too hard.

Alright, let’s dive into it.

Simple Man Guitar Lesson

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13 Responses to Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man Guitar Lesson
  1. Todd

    Marty is an awesome instructor! He makes learning the guitar a wonderful addiction. No boring repeatative drills and scales, he teaches you the basic chords and BAM your playing the songs you love! GREAT JOB MARTY!!

  2. William Starr

    Marty you are awesome

    You are to guitar lessons

    what Henry Ford was to the automobile

    Anyone can learn the guitar with your help

    keep it up !

  3. kim hegwood (male)

    marty wow man best lessons Ive ever had. thanks for all you do for people like make me want to play even more than I ever did.thanks again.

  4. Jimmy

    Please forward me the E-book.

    Thank you in anticipation!

  5. GLENN

    I love this song! Wish I was better at the chord transition


    marty im a soilder in afganistiam trying to learn the guitar. i signed up with you weeks a go but still no e-book can you help me. thank you so much your video are awsome

  7. Wayne

    Thank you so much Marty for putting FUN and INSPERATION into the equation. I’ve taken courses from a few other teachers on the web and in private with limited success.
    Keep on inspiring.

  8. Mike

    Marty your awesome! Hey bud I know sometimes you put up the strumming patterns for your songs. You mentioned it in the video but couldn’t keep up, even after playing it over and over again. Lol. Is there a way I can get the strumming pattern for this song. Thank you marty

  9. Kim

    Please send me the e-booklet.

  10. Can’t get the download?!

  11. David William Gilbert

    i think your lessons are great ive learned more the last fewweeks then the last fewyears

  12. David William Gilbert

    whats moderation

  13. Rick Ryder


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