Jimi Hendrix Chords – Rhythm Lesson


Here’s another great guitar lesson from Marty Schwartz, this one is on Jimi Hendrix chords and inversions. This one has some humor added because he’s on vacation and one of his kids walks across the camera!

Nevertheless, there are some good things to learn in this video.

Marty teaches the’ Hendrix major chord’ in this one, which is a really nice sounding bar chord formation. This chord is a really fun one to play around with; it has a great melodic sound and there are tons of embellishments you can experiment with as well. There are a few so-called ‘Jimi Hendrix chords’ and it isn’t like he’s the only one that played them, however some of those chords were famously used by Jimi and when you hear them, immediately his music comes to mind. So they’re quite distinctive.

This chord is really just an inversion of the normal root 5 barred A chord pattern, so it might help you to relate to it that way.

Grab your guitar, and enjoy!

Jimi Hendrix Chords

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16 Responses to Jimi Hendrix Chords – Rhythm Lesson
  1. henry tijssen

    did jimmy follow your lessons also marty?hahaha like your lessons alot thanks marty!!!!!!

    • Evil Jay

      Marty ,luv your lessons. I have been a studnet of gheetar for over twenty years and since watching your viideos my playing has risen to new levals

  2. I’m just starting my venture into the world of barre chords. It was a great lesson as always.I’ve learned quite alot from your videos. Keep rockin and thanks again.

  3. Steve

    Cool quick lesson!
    I’ve learned more from just one of your discs than a whole
    $hitload of discs from other instructors.
    I’m very glad I joined the club!

  4. Maurice


    Have bought your DVD set with the bonus backing tracks. Great value and very helpful.
    Just one thing, you promised that you would send email access to your interactive lesson site as part of the package but nothing has materialised.

    I’m sure this is an oversite. Can you please let me have the access details ASAP.

    Thanks, Maurice

  5. Wow that was great. You make Hendrix simple. I have to study more on chord inversions. I really like your videos. You make guitar fun.

  6. sam

    love your lessons. your a very good teacher. always learn alot.

  7. Dan

    My son turned me on to your website He is 27 and just starting to play. I got my first guitar when i was 10. Played serious until I got married and had a family. I am 53 and start playing again. I just signed up for your website but been on you tube checking it out. You are really helping me to get back in the groove and have taught me things I always wanted to know. Keep it up my friend you really do make it easy. Thanks again!

  8. Bobby Paysinger

    I accidentally found you while surfing the net for songs. I’ve been playing off and on for about 20 years and mostly learned by playing with a couple of friends. I’ve really enjoyed your online lessons and encouragements. Of all the online guys, your my fav!

  9. David Saylor

    Marty i really liked this video. the family in in the back ground made even that much better. I have listened to alot of your videos and they have been very helpfull.

    thanks for all of your work in making these vidoes love them.

    keep jamming

  10. Marty you are the best teacher on the planet you really now
    How go inspire your students with your very thrilling lessons
    And you explain everything which is helpfull to everybody
    Especially me as soon as my funds losin up this spring
    I will be purchasing your course I hope I gave up 15 years
    Ago and sorry I did but you gave me the inspiration to
    Pick up my guitar And start again god bless and thankyou

  11. Simon

    Thank you so much Marty for making my little world a better place!

  12. Tom Norton

    Another great lesson. I watch over and over to learn the licks you make real easy. Thanks again! Tom

  13. Steve

    Hi Marty – where do I find a description of yor Rhythm & Chord DVD set ? Cheers Steve

  14. Steven

    Hey Marty – I’ve cruised all around the net looking to learn songs, but nobody teaches as understandibly as you. This lesson is a case in point. Not only do you impart the lesson but you give examples of several variations. Nice. Enjoy your vacation!

  15. david gilbert

    Like always really have a hard time if it aint u teachin it cool lesson not to fast keep it up man u are a natural teacher

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