How To Play Acoustic Guitar


Checkout this guitar lesson on how to play acoustic guitar, from Marty Schwartz! Marty is pretty laid back in this lesson, as usual, so don’t feel any pressure as you’re trying to learn the guitar.

Basically what he’s doing here is modifying a normal open D chord and then inverting it, so that you end up with this cool form that you can do a lot more with. It’s actually very closely related to a Bm7, if you watch closely. There are quite a few other things you can do with the D chord as well.

How To Play Acoustic Guitar

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12 Responses to How To Play Acoustic Guitar
  1. Gonçalo Correia

    It seem`s easy , but it´s very complicated to achive that ! Marty is so musical , it´s always a pleasure pleasure to hear all the resources that he uses to escape the obvious … but to get there ,it´s only for fews!!!…

  2. Matt DeWaard

    Marty, I just love that song “overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder. I wonder if you could slow it down and mabey break it down some, it looks complicated. Matt

  3. Rex starling

    Well done,as always Martie,Keep them coming and thanks. Rex

  4. Nathan kiser

    All of your lessons are so great, they have helped me so much and I have made a big step from a beginner! You make it easy enough that if anyone puts the time into it everyday then they can learn from you Marty! Thanks

  5. Steve Brown

    Hey Marty

    Steve from DownUnder here (Oz)

    I am trying to order some of your Beginner DVD’s off Guitarjamz but it keeps saying it is not available. Whats happening?

    Really like the way you teach and I was looking forward to ordering the Beginner Course.

  6. Dorothy

    I have celebrated my 71st birthday. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks lol. You are one heck of an inspiration. Thanks man and as you say rock on! Sincerely, Dorothy

  7. im having trouble with knocking on heavens door and adding the slash solo’s you teach. you also talk about muscle memory and slowly starting off works.

  8. leo bailey

    hi marty im 48 and im trying to learn it is hard thanks for the videos

  9. Christine golladay

    im interested in signing up for acoustic teaching courses but can’t where the info is and costs.
    Thanks for your time

  10. Colin Craven

    Hey Marty,
    I love all your videos. I really love and have to know how to play these power chords. Could you please tell me what tuning and if the power chords at the intro of this song are just 2 or 3 strings? I love it. Thankx

  11. I would like to thank you for the lessons you have provided to us novice players , and the way you teach is just great. I am 72yrs old and have been playing since I was 15 yrs old.

    However since I found you on the internet 3yrs ago you taught me really how to play guitar. I love it ,you have me a much better player with your teaching methods. Love the blues and southern rock. Thank you

  12. I’ve been playing about a year,thank God for taught me so much I play about 2to 3hours a day,and I learned so much from you I keep rocking thanks to you,Delmadaigle

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