Super Easy Guitar Songs – Stand By Me


If you’re looking for a super easy beginner guitar song, then Stand By Me is a good one for you.

In this lesson, Marty Schwartz shows you how to play the F#m chord, which is really just an E minor chord that has been moved up a tone. In order to get the F#m though, you’ll need to bar across the second fret.

Stand By Me is a good song for beginners because the strum pattern is fairly simple, and the chord progression is also fairly simple.

Here’s the lesson:

Easy Guitar Songs – Stand By Me

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5 Responses to Super Easy Guitar Songs – Stand By Me
  1. MD

    Thank you Marty, you make my day.
    I’ll probably get your dvd soon. But sincerely, is it really possible to learn efficiently without a teacher in live? I don’t want accumulate bad habits.

  2. henry tijssen

    marty i love the eazy strumming songs i hope you putt more eazy acoustic blues strumming songs on your site thanks man your the best!!!!!!!!

  3. Henny

    Hello marty,,,,you are à good teacher but y wont That you put numbers from Mink deville on you site becaus à love Mink and his muziek is That postille across THE borderline and ill still love you so tanks à lot bye bye

  4. Orsen El-Amin

    Really do enjoy your Acoustic lessons, especially the Blues.Stand by Me was made very easy.Thanks Marty.

  5. Richard Scott Sr.

    Hey Marty,
    I have always felt that learning the guitar was complex but you have made me rethink that just by the way you teach!! YOU’RE DA BOMB!!

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