Coldplay Paradise Chords – Guitar Lesson


Here’s how to play the guitar chords for Paradise, by Coldplay.

In this song, we’re going to be using a capo on the second fret.

The chords then go Em, G, D, A. There are also a few fill riffs thrown in, which really help the song along, which you can checkout as Marty is playing through the song.

In the verse, we start off with a Bm, then run through the same three chords, G, D, A. There’s also a musical interlude, but that’s the same chords as the verse.

In the second verse, you can squeak past by playing the same things as the first verse, or alternatively, Marty will show you some cool variations that you can use instead. The chords get changed up a bit in there as well.

Marty also talks about the strumming pattern, in terms of ups and downs, but if you watch close you should be able to pick it up as he goes along here.

Not sure what Marty’s doing differently in this video, as it is a tiny bit fuzzy, maybe out of focus? No matter, you can still see everything quite clearly.

Coldplay Paradise Chords

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8 Responses to Coldplay Paradise Chords – Guitar Lesson
  1. marcella

    Marty, THANKS for ALL your videos! I wanted to play all my life, never had the timr or a method I could understand and actually grasp the basics til you came along, making it fun and easy…and I’m 60! Of course I am still in the very early stages of learning but finally there is someone out there that shows me it can be done and I actually want to practice along with……
    Keep it coming and keep on rocking…..

  2. Ruxy

    Marty you are awesome! Thank you a lot for what are you doing!
    Can you please be more specific about the strumming pattern for this song? I don’t get the strumming for the verse and music interlude.
    Thank you again for everything!

    • sajeev

      it goes like this on e minor play D UD UD THEN g major UD DDU

  3. Tim

    Marty I just love your teaching style I am making so much progress its awesome! Rock on bud just got some of your dvds ordered so i can practice in front of the tv.Thank you again for making everything easy and fun to learn.Wish you the very best you are blessed man keep up the great work

  4. uliho kalimba jean felix

    hey marty! i’ve really found you awsome!!! thanks to you I’m becoming a guitarist… now I can even paradise; could you please show
    me how to play “fix you” by coldplay???
    i’m looking forward to getting your answer..
    thank you again and stay cool!


    great song marty . however you have the guitar capo 3 and the notes above say capo 2. . going to work on this cool song thanks

  6. sajeev

    i didn’t understood the strumming pattern plz explain it

  7. Lala

    sir marty, i am very glad with you

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