CCR – Bad Moon Rising – Easy Beginner Song


Bad Moon Rising by CCR is a good, easy beginner song to learn on the guitar.

The three chords in this song are D, A and G. These chords are some of the most basic ones there are, so if you’re a beginner this is a great song to practice those chords with.

Bad Moon Rising is a pretty popular CCR song, and another benefit is that you can practice your strumming on this one!

Check out Marty’s lesson:

CCR – Bad Moon Rising Guitar Lesson

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38 Responses to CCR – Bad Moon Rising – Easy Beginner Song
  1. Gavin

    As a 55 year old new player I’ve trolled all the good sites (and the junk) and have decided Marty is “my man”. The lessons are clear, direct and easy to follow but what I like the most is Marty’s ability to get you enthused and wanna go and try stuff!!!

    Keep it up Marty – love your stuff.

    • Ken Robinson

      Great to see your work Marty, I’ve been linked to a few of the others to try to get something out of it, but they really dont show you anything worthwhile. I am impressed that you actually take the time to explain it a bit better and show close ups of where you are supposed to place your fingers etc, in the future I would be probably be interested in maybe buying one of your lessons to see how I go. Thank you I’m pleased I found your site. Regards Ken.

  2. Louis Klein


    Thanks for the lessons! I’ve been “self-teaching” and using some on-line lessons, but yours are the best I’ve seen. Getting a little confidence by playing songs I’ve known all my life helps, too!

    That makes for a Good Moon Rising!

    Lou Klein

  3. great teacher for this old man step by step so easy to falow thanks ; Anthony;

  4. Iam 68 years old been mess with Gutiar for long time I have learn so much the last month its on real love your

  5. Dale Bowling

    Marty, Great JOB!!!! I get so much from your lessons. I’m 53 years old and have been playing for about 2 years. I have been UNEMPLOYED for 7 months and really look forward to learn something each time that I see your VIDEOS. Please keep IT UP!

  6. Hey Marty,
    Thanks for the lessons- I just started playing a few months ago and have learned so much, especially in regards to strumming patterns!

    Thanks for using your skills/talents to bless us all!

  7. Brad

    You are such a great teacher…I really dig how you go slow and explain exactly what you are doing step by step. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say I really appreciate your lessons.

  8. josh schmid

    love ur lesson very kick ass iam 32 always into music,never played untill few months ago all my friends vplay and you made it possible to play with them and have so much fun.

  9. Cathy Carroll

    These lessons are the best that I have found.Marty you say just the right things..I’m panicking thinking ‘”what do I do know”, and there you are … and you will say,”don’t do this , do this,etc..”Ilove your videos..easy to follow.I’ve made prgress,ever so sowly.Thank you.

  10. howard r parker


  11. George

    Marty, it is evident you have the gift of communicating…what a wonderful clear, concise to the point method of teaching. I just signed up for the letter and look forward to learning. Also, it is nice to see that at age 60, I am not the only one taking this up.

  12. Cathy

    Hi Marty
    What a blast Im 53 and finally getting to learn guitar. Love it Love it and thanks to you its not only possiable but becomming a reality..keep up your inspiring work
    Thank you Cathy

  13. Great stuff Marty. You have rekindled my desire to pickup the guitar again after 35 years. Fortunatly my guitar has not gathered any moss. Hope I can kick start my entheusiam with your lessons. Thanks again.

  14. Christina Shepherd

    I just turned 34 and have playing for a couple months now. I wanted to learn an easy beginner song and u did a great job with the CCR song! Thanks for being a good teacher! I look forward to more of your videos! 🙂

  15. Eric Downey

    I’ve been watching your videos every day learning something new every day. I have been playing for some time and always learning. It’s good that you don’t rush through your lessons. Great. Thanks. Eric. From Nova Scotia

  16. Good site Marty, been playing for 3 years now and I haven’t had any lessons so I now have a few bad habits. So I’m here to learn some new habits and new stuff.

    Great stuff


  17. brenda gabriel

    good job marthy ,its really helpful for me the way you teach the beginner
    like me .i enjoy it very much and its fun.your a good teacher.two thumbs up for you..

  18. I just love CCR and Marty is an awesome teacher.

  19. For twenty five years I have bought guitars taken lessons and only become more and more frustrated and stop for years. Then I stumbled on you Marty……and I now play EVERY night and my family doesn’t run and lock the doors anymore…..thanks so much for making this easy and fun….finally calloused fingers…..


  20. Chris

    One of my favorite songs. Thanks for the help. I am just starting at 56 late starter.

  21. warren


    I’ve been frustrated trying to learn acoustic blues guitar on my own, and I’m delighted to find you! You are clearly an accomplished blues player, and you have a knack for breaking it down and making it accessible for those of us who are still learning. Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  22. love the lessons,you can’t play the blues if you don’t feel them. thanks marty for the one on one approach.

  23. Mickey

    Marty, been playing since August 2012, started with acoustic, don’t pick it up much anymore, im 55, really would like to be able to sit and play blues all night, love the sound of the first three or four strings! Been taking lessons, got the major penarcotics down, can walk up and down fret board pretty good,know my 5,6 string notes,

  24. GLENN

    Great lesson! Feels like real progress when you can get through a whole song. Awesome!

  25. Michael Strandboge

    Marty, I tried several DVD’s and numerous websites trying to learn accoustic guitar for about 9 months. It was a pick me up and put me back down type of learning because of the way things were taught. I was ready to give up and sell my guitar at a garage sale. By chance I happened to find your website. I am so happy not to play Mary had a little lamb. Your way is much easier and I am learning real songs now. I now practice everyday and keep getting better. Saving my Social Security checks to buy the beginning DVD course. Thank you Marty for renewing my interest in learning.

  26. Terry

    Wow! This is awesome, I’m glad I found you Marty. I’m not a young pup so I need something easy to follow and I think I found it. Looking forward to checking you out again, soon.

  27. Michael Strandboge

    Hey there Marty, I just retired and wanted to try and learn something new so I thought I would try the guitar. Bought and old 6 string and a DVD on how to learn to play. Well, that didn’t work well and the DVD went to the round file where it really belongs. I tried several online sites and lost interest because of the teaching techniques. Then I gave it one more try and found you!!!! In no time at all I could play Simple Man and now learning Bad Moon Risin !!!! Thank for all your help but most of all for teaching with enthusiasm and keeping it simple and fun.

  28. sherrie

    Hey Marty, gotta say ur the BEST! Just started playin about 5 months ago. searched the sites, took a lesson which didn’t work out, checked out your beginner guitar lessons and learned more in 2 weeks then in the last 5 months. sticken with u your the best!!!!!

  29. Tm

    best sounding song ive learned from you keep up the good work like your lessons alot marty

  30. Steve Baines


    It’s always a great learning experience with you. You make the difficult simple and easy to master. Thanks. Your videos are great.


  31. tony guzzo

    Great lessons, easy and fun to play Thanks

  32. leslie bainbridge

    great lessons,clea&easy to follow,thanks

  33. Dean Corbin

    GREAT TEACHER,GREAT LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Diana

    Thank you for all your help! As a 50 year old first timer…you have made this journey fun!

  35. Neil Holland

    His simplistic approach to guitar playing has assisted my playing ability and understanding significantly. Although I have lessons; Marty’s approach is both enjoyable, easy to follow and importantly given me great confidence.

  36. Jeff Beck

    Great help Marty! I love your youtube videos!

  37. picked up guitar 4 years ago looked at you on here 2 years ago I’m 64 and ive been on stage at my local folk club checkmates many a time done loads of songs thanks to you and your skills I do Dylan joan baez eric bogle neil diamond to mention just a few thank you so much
    dennis tamworth england

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