Blues Guitar Chords


Here’s a great lesson on blues guitar chords from Marty Schwartz.

The three main chords Marty talks about in this lesson are E7, A7, and B7. These are great sounding open chords, and you have tons of room to improvise over top of them with cool blues riffs like Marty demonstrates in this video.

The other great thing about these particular blues guitar chords is the fact that you can easily modify them, usually by adding your pinky finger to one of the other strings. Again, Marty teaches this in the lesson below.

My favorite riff out of this video is around 3:40 where he does the Stevie Ray Vaughn thing, hitting the G on the third fret as riff or passing note. Man that sounds sweet!

The blues guitar lessons that Marty mentions in the video can be found here.

Blues Guitar Chords Lesson:

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6 Responses to Blues Guitar Chords
  1. Ricky

    You jam marty i been watching and learning from you for over a year i just want to say thanks

  2. Tina

    I have playing since I was 12 and I am embarrassed to say I’m not that good on the guitar. but everytime I follow your lessons I get a little little better and my and so does my self confidence. Thanks for being so much help to me.

  3. Justin

    I was wondering if you could do a lesson on ——) Colin James version of Into the mystic by Van Morrison? Great tune and a lot more flavor.

  4. canon

    thx marty u r the best teacher 4 me I spent a couple c-notes taking lessons(big waste of time and $) wish i would have bought your dvds instead I finally did get some in a pkg deal that I am very happy with I now get to take lessons every day instead of once a week and it is really starting to show I will recommend your stuff to everyone

  5. eko

    Thank you so much sir, with the video to learn guitar I learned about the blues scale, although not yet understand well ……..

  6. Yves Bigras

    English is not my first language
    But I still learn from your videos, thanks!
    When is the intermediate blues course coming?

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