Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – Bluesy Licks with Marty!


Here’s another cool acoustic blues guitar lesson with Marty Schwartz… checkout the double stop riff that comes out of the E pentatonic minor scale, it sounds really sweet!

Of course if you want to, you can also play these blues licks on an electric guitar, they work just as well on either acoustic or electric. Once you’ve got that double stop down, feel free to experiment with the rest of the blues lick and create your own riff out of it. You’ve got the rest of that pentatonic minor scale to work with – every single note in that scale is going to sound sa-weet!

Also check out that bluesy sounding quarter note bend he’s got going. You’ll have to work on getting the bend up to the right place, as you might find it more natural to go to a full half tone bend there, but work on the quarter, you’ll find it is worth it.

Once you’ve got a handle on that blues riff, the best way to apply it is with a blues jam track. The second half of the video is simply Marty laying down a blues groove for you to solo over top of, so have as much fun as you can with this one!

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With Marty:

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Allman Brothers Inspired Blues Rock Guitar Lesson


Checkout this sweet lesson from Marty Schwartz, covering an Allman Brothers inspired chord progression. You’ll learn not only the chords and the rhythm, but also some cool little licks to throw in there as well.

This progression is in the key of C.

Grab your guitar, this guitar lesson has a great groove to it!

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Adele – Skyfall Chords – James Bond – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson


Skyfall by Adele is the theme song for the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. It’s a cool chord progression that isn’t really that hard to play on the guitar.

In this lesson, Marty will teach you how to play the Skyfall chords, but first you need to make sure you’re in standard tuning and have a capo on the third fret.

The main part of the progression goes like this: Am F D7 Dm7,

The intro works with the same chords, but you don’t emphasize the higher strings very much; you kind of avoid the first string, but then make sure you hit up that first string later on once you’ve built things up a bit.

The chorus is Am G F Em D.

To grab the rest of the Skyfall chords, checkout the lesson!

Skyfall Chords

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Coldplay Paradise Chords – Guitar Lesson


Here’s how to play the guitar chords for Paradise, by Coldplay.

In this song, we’re going to be using a capo on the second fret.

The chords then go Em, G, D, A. There are also a few fill riffs thrown in, which really help the song along, which you can checkout as Marty is playing through the song.

In the verse, we start off with a Bm, then run through the same three chords, G, D, A. There’s also a musical interlude, but that’s the same chords as the verse.

In the second verse, you can squeak past by playing the same things as the first verse, or alternatively, Marty will show you some cool variations that you can use instead. The chords get changed up a bit in there as well.

Marty also talks about the strumming pattern, in terms of ups and downs, but if you watch close you should be able to pick it up as he goes along here.

Not sure what Marty’s doing differently in this video, as it is a tiny bit fuzzy, maybe out of focus? No matter, you can still see everything quite clearly.

Coldplay Paradise Chords

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Jimi Hendrix Chords – Rhythm Lesson


Here’s another great guitar lesson from Marty Schwartz, this one is on Jimi Hendrix chords and inversions. This one has some humor added because he’s on vacation and one of his kids walks across the camera!

Nevertheless, there are some good things to learn in this video.

Marty teaches the’ Hendrix major chord’ in this one, which is a really nice sounding bar chord formation. This chord is a really fun one to play around with; it has a great melodic sound and there are tons of embellishments you can experiment with as well. There are a few so-called ‘Jimi Hendrix chords’ and it isn’t like he’s the only one that played them, however some of those chords were famously used by Jimi and when you hear them, immediately his music comes to mind. So they’re quite distinctive.

This chord is really just an inversion of the normal root 5 barred A chord pattern, so it might help you to relate to it that way.

Grab your guitar, and enjoy!

Jimi Hendrix Chords

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Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man Guitar Lesson


This Simple Man guitar lesson by Marty Schwartz is a great way to learn the famous Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. Simple Man is a great guitar song for beginners, and in this lesson Marty will show you both the chords and the picking pattern you can use as well, if you’re comfortable doing the picking part.

The chords used are C major, G major, and A minor. Marty has some nice closeup shots showing you the fingerings for these chords, in case you’re not familiar with them. You’ll also learn the strumming pattern as well, which isn’t too hard.

Alright, let’s dive into it.

Simple Man Guitar Lesson

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Nirvana – Come As Your Are – Easy Guitar Lesson


Hey guys, here’s another cool guitar lesson from Marty Schwartz, this one on the Nirvana song Come As You Are.

The song is in standard tuning, but a super important part of getting it to sound right is to have some sort of chorus effect. This could be either a pedal, or maybe your amp has chorus built in already, but whichever way you go, as long as you have some sort of chorus you’ll be able to play this fairly easy guitar riff.

Check it out – Come As You Are Guitar Lesson:

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Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Chords – Easy Songs on guitar


Hey guys, here’s another great guitar lesson from Marty Schwartz – this one on Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight chords.

The chords you need for this lesson are G, D, C and Em. Thousands and thousands of hit songs have been written using just these chords, so if you can get these ones down, they’ll serve you well for a lot of other songs too.

In this song, you can strum through the chords, or you if you want you can lightly pick through the chords. Wonderful Tonight is a great song for beginners this way, because you can start simpler, and then add a few more techniques as you get used to the chords.

In Wonderful Tonight, there’s also a cool little run coming down from the G chord. All you do is strum the G chord, then hit the F# note on the 6th string, 2nd fret, then hit the Em chord.

Marty is also going to teach you the signature riff in the song as well, so that you can really play the Wonderful Tonight chords along with the riff, to make the song sound complete.

Some fun quotes from this lesson: “You can sing it to your lady, they like that…”

So let’s dive into the lesson:

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Chords Guitar Lesson

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Super Easy Guitar Songs – Stand By Me


If you’re looking for a super easy beginner guitar song, then Stand By Me is a good one for you.

In this lesson, Marty Schwartz shows you how to play the F#m chord, which is really just an E minor chord that has been moved up a tone. In order to get the F#m though, you’ll need to bar across the second fret.

Stand By Me is a good song for beginners because the strum pattern is fairly simple, and the chord progression is also fairly simple.

Here’s the lesson:

Easy Guitar Songs – Stand By Me

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Blues Guitar Chords


Here’s a great lesson on blues guitar chords from Marty Schwartz.

The three main chords Marty talks about in this lesson are E7, A7, and B7. These are great sounding open chords, and you have tons of room to improvise over top of them with cool blues riffs like Marty demonstrates in this video.

The other great thing about these particular blues guitar chords is the fact that you can easily modify them, usually by adding your pinky finger to one of the other strings. Again, Marty teaches this in the lesson below.

My favorite riff out of this video is around 3:40 where he does the Stevie Ray Vaughn thing, hitting the G on the third fret as riff or passing note. Man that sounds sweet!

The blues guitar lessons that Marty mentions in the video can be found here.

Blues Guitar Chords Lesson:

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